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December 2006
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She That Is Called Magpie [userpic]
Icons! Woo!

A selection of icons, based on QI, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, 15 Storeys High and TV Heaven Telly Hell. Go nuts, but please give me credit? Just pop my user name in the keywords and comment. Cheers.

I used some textures by colorfilter, so yay for her. (I think it's a her.... :S )

15 Storeys High


Misc. Sean-iness

Animated! Oooh! (Think some of these files are too big to use as LJ icons *sob*)

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Ah bollicks! I got it right on the one I made for myself, typical. Must have been hypnotised by the glasses-nudging yumminess... *smacks self on the wrist*

Scratch that, I didn't get it right after all, just went for the lazy/pun-like "x" instead. Shame on me on both counts.

Loves on the desk monster icon!!

They are marvellous! Nicked a couple, many thanks.

Your icon rocks too!

Woo, these are most marvellous, I'm going to have to steal some

Great job on those. I especially like the "Vroom" and "Ancient Greeks" ones. :)

Oh wow - I've just randomly found your icons and they're super!

I've taken 'Who needs a plough when they're sober?', '...trapped in lifts' and 'Oh, those Ancient Greeks' :o)

Will credit - thank you.