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The Sean Lock Fan-Community
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December 2006
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She That Is Called Magpie [userpic]
Let's get this community going, people!

Right, it's high time we started posting some stuff in here, don't you think? I'll get the ball rolling if you like.

I'm Magpie, our moderator. I started this whole shenanigans because I'm appalled at the dearth of Sean Lock fandom on the internet. Surely there's not just me who's in love with this guy? He's a genius. A genius with hot glasses! Basically I'm hoping that we can start to build a fan community. Feel free to dive in and post anything you like: pictures of Sean, video of Sean, info about Sean or even just a fangirlish dribble about why he's so great.

We could start with introduction posts if you like. It's going to sound like an AA meeting, but to hell with it.

Hi, I'm Magpie (parsnip). I'm nineteen years old and I'm addicted to Sean Lock.

*chorus* Hi, Magpie!

That up there is a picture of me with Sean after one of the 8 Out of 10 Cats recordings a few weeks ago. I went to far more of them than is entirely healthy; especially when you consider that they film in London and I live in Leeds! I'm not a stalker, honest, just a really big fan. And a student with too much time on her hands.

I've got some LJ icons to post in a minute, but for now let's launch this introductory post!


Miscellaneous-Higher-Powers bless this community, and all who fangirl in her!

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Current Music: 10CC - Dreadlock Holiday

What an adorable icon.

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