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December 2006
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She That Is Called Magpie [userpic]
...be my friend for a day?

Monday 4th December 2006

Presented by Sean Lock, guest is Jimmy Carr

VENUE: The London Studios, Upper Ground, London SE19LT.
TIME:  The studio doors open at 6.45pm, I have priority tickets so we can jump to the front of the line but it's usually best to queue a bit early anyway. They estimate it will finish about 9.45pm, but I've been to a lot of recordings and I'd say take that with a pinch of salt.

Here's the deal: I have four priority tickets for this recording on Monday, and my three friends have all bailed on me. Would any of you like to be my honorary friends and go with me? I've already paid for my train ticket so I'm determined not to waste it, plus I'm a massive Sean Lock fan! Ideally I'd like to go with other Sean and Jimmy fans, and ideally girls (just for the dodginess of meeting random guys, y'know how it is). HOpe some of you can join me, It should be an awesome night.

Cross posted to a few relevant communities. First come first served.

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Wow, if only I were in the right country! (On the right continent, even . . .) Unfortunately, I'm not--I would go with you otherwise--but I know you'll have a terrific time! I'm jealous!

I LOVE SEAN LOCK <3 <3 <3 <3


Me too, he's like a prawn and avocado sandwich!

...that maye contain nuts.


Had to.

Omg haha I'm so slow, I was like 'nuts?' But it's ok, I get it. Mmis retarded. I'm just too blinded by the amazingness that is Sean Lock.